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Green Valley, like much of Southern Arizona, is prime territory for subterranean termites. Despite the dry climate, which many assume is less conducive to termite activity, these pests are a common issue in the area. In Green Valley, it’s not a question of if, but when termites might invade, emphasizing the need for effective termite treatment and removal services provided by Bill’s Home Service.

Subterranean termites nest in the ground and continuously search through the soil for food sources, primarily wood and other cellulose-based products. Unfortunately, their search often leads them directly to homes, causing significant damage. In fact, termites are responsible for over $5 billion in damage annually across the U.S., much of which could be prevented with robust termite control strategies like those Bill’s Home Service offers.

For over 60 years, Bill’s Home Service has been a trusted name in termite control throughout the Green Valley region. We are experts in safeguarding homes from these destructive pests through regular inspections and comprehensive treatment options, including both traditional liquid treatments and the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology.

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The Sentricon® System leads the industry in proactive termite prevention. It features bait stations installed around your home’s perimeter without the need for drilling, creating an unbroken protective barrier. These stations contain bait that remains effective in the harsh climate of Southern Arizona, providing consistent, eco-friendly protection.

Bill’s also offers a leading non-repellent termiticide designed to bond with the soil and create an undetectable barrier around your home’s foundation. This treatment prevents termites from accessing the wood structures of your home. The termiticide ensures that not only will termites in direct contact with the barrier be eliminated, but also others in the colony, significantly reducing or even eradicating the threat altogether.

Most termite treatments from Bill’s, including both liquid and Sentricon® systems, come with an annual service contract. This contract offers peace of mind that your home remains protected against termites. While a service contract cannot guarantee a home will never experience a termite problem, it ensures that any such problems will be addressed promptly and effectively.

Don’t wait for termite damage to become evident. Contact Bill’s Home Service for a FREE termite inspection and quote today, and ensure your Green Valley home is protected from the costly havoc termites can wreak.

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