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Let the expertly trained weed control technicians at Bill’s Home Service keep your yard or landscaped area free from weeds with our Annual Weed Control program. Our program is designed to eliminate existing weeds, prevent new weeds from growing, and ensure that your yard remains weed-free throughout the year.

Are you tired of dealing with the constant threat of Arizona weeds in your Tucson landscape? The harsh climate and long hot summers can make it difficult to maintain a healthy and beautiful yard, but at Bill’s Home Service, we have the solution!

Our team of experts specialize in providing professional weed control services that are tailored to the specific needs of the Tucson area. We understand the unique challenges that come with landscaping in this climate and we are fully equipped to tackle them.

Imagine your yard or garden looking well-kept all year round, free from the unsightly weeds that can cause damage to your plants and property. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally-friendly solutions to ensure that your outdoor space is not only weed-free but also healthy and thriving.

Don’t let weeds take over your outdoor space, let us help you take back your yard. Trust the professionals at Bill’s Home Service to know precisely what you need to manage weed issues and protect your landscape. Hiring us will not only save you time and money, but also ensure that your outdoor space is beautiful, healthy, and weed-free. Contact us today to schedule your service and take back your outdoor space from weeds!

Why Choose Professional Weed Control?

Bill’s Home Service is a premier weed control firm in Green Valley and the greater Tucson area. Most homeowners turn to our trusted technicians to eliminate existing weeds and keep new weeds from invading their yards. Our annual weed control program offers both pre- and post-emergent applications.

Pre-Emergent Treatments

Pre-emergent Treatments are carried out to protect the weed seeds embedded in the ground from sprouting (turning into a weed). This remedy does not get rid of present weeds, but diminishes the chance of fresh ones expanding. It is administered as a spread, liquid application to ensure comprehensive coverage across the required area. Pre-emergent applications have only a slight or no scent and are safe for living vegetation.

Post-Emergent Applications

Post-Emergent applications are liquid spot treatments that do away with the present growth of weeds or any weeds that did not entirely succumb to a pre-emergent application. Outcomes are generally observed within just 5-10 days after the use.

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Our pre-emergent applications are done twice a year, once every 6 months in the summer and winter. Post-emergent applications are done 4 times per year, for a total of one application every other month.

What to Expect – Get the Most Out of Bill’s Home Service’s Weed Control

After we service your yard, the weed will curl up in a few days. They should disappear completely in two to three weeks after the weed control application.

After the application, we will make several follow-up activities to ensure the weed is completely dried from the garden. Here are some tips to ensure the weed control products work as expected:

  • Don’t allow kids and pets in the yard until the product dries, typically 1-4 hours after the application.
  • When used properly by trained professionals, herbicides are effective and safe to use, with no negative effects on people, pets, or the environment.
  • Weed control is an ongoing process and becomes more effective with each treatment. Each year, we should see about a 50% reduction in total weed activity over the previous year.
  • Be proactive by keeping your yard trimmed and watered to improve the growth of your plants.

Weed Issues That Tucson, AZ Homeowners Face

Tucson homeowners commonly have to deal with a wide variety of weeds, including Prostrate or spotted Spurge, London Rocket, Russian Thistle, Annual Bluegrass, Crabgrass, and Bermuda grass. Each of these weeds can be a nuisance to homeowners, as they can take over gardens, flower beds, and yards, robbing plants of their nutrients, water, and sunlight.

  • Prostrate or spotted Spurge can be found in dry, sandy, and disturbed soil. It sprouts quickly, producing many tiny flowers, and can be difficult to remove once established.
  • London Rocket is an invasive weed that can take over large areas and grows rapidly, becoming harder and harder to control over time.
  • Russian Thistle is an annual grass-like weed that has a deep taproot that can make it hard to pull out.
  • Annual Bluegrass is a cool-season weed that can quickly take over a yard, requiring frequent aeration and dethatching.
  • Crabgrass is a warm-season weed that can spread quickly and choke out desirable grasses.
  • Bermudagrass is an aggressive, warm-season weed that forms dense mats and spreads rapidly, requiring frequent mowing.

Homeowners can combat these weeds with a variety of methods, including regular mowing, hand-weeding, chemical herbicides, and mulching. Each weed requires a different approach depending on its growth and spreading habits, and it is important to use the right technique to ensure the weed’s removal. With professional care and maintenance, Tucson homeowners can have a beautiful, weed-free yard.

Weed Control Services in Tucson, AZ

Bill’s Home Service Company has been one of the largest providers of reliable weed control services in Green Valley and the greater Tucson area. Our weed control specialists are licensed and certified by the State of Arizona, and we only use products registered and approved by the EPA.

Don’t get fined by the HOA for an unruly yard and don’t break your back trying to pull up weeds. Contact us today to learn more about our weed control services.

Keep Your Yard Beautiful and Weed-Free!

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