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Builder Warranty Inspections

Don’t let your builder’s warranty expire unnoticed. Bill’s Home Inspection in Tucson offers comprehensive home warranty inspections to identify any defects before it’s too late, ensuring your home is in top condition. Take action now to save on future repairs and secure your investment.

All too often as a homeowner you are so busy with other responsibilities that the expiration of your builder’s warranty can slip right on past. Unfortunately, you will be left with the expense of any defects and repairs to your home in Tucson. A thorough home warranty inspection by Bill’s will identify all repairs that should be addressed by the builder. Our licensed inspectors typically uncover items unnoticed by the homeowner. This special inspection is performed prior to the expiration of your builder’s home warranty, potentially saving you significantly in future repairs. This is typically the last opportunity to identify any problems or defects and have them remedied by the builder at their expense.

The builder warranty inspection and report for your Tucson area property will be done by a licensed home inspector with experience in the local area. A thorough report will be generated with attention to detail and accuracy. Also included in the report will be photos where necessary.

Here are some of the typical defects found during Builder Warranty Inspections:

  • Heating and A/C problems
  • Electrical problems
  • Gas leaks
  • Defective doors
  • Defective windows
  • Roof defects
  • Yard drainage/grade problems
  • Plumbing issues
  • Irrigation problems
  • Inadequate insulation

In addition to the defects listed, our inspectors are trained to identify less obvious issues that could lead to significant problems later, such as structural weaknesses not visible to the untrained eye and potential code violations. Understanding the full scope of your home’s condition before the warranty expires gives you leverage to ensure all necessary repairs are made. This comprehensive approach not only protects your investment but also contributes to the long-term safety, efficiency, and comfort of your home. Trust Bill’s Home Inspection to provide peace of mind and a more secure future for your family and your home.

All of our home warranty inspections performed in the Tucson area meet or exceed the Standards of Professional Practice for Arizona Home Inspectors as set forth by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration.

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