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How to Remove Ticks From Yourself and Your Pets

Ticks are one of many elusive pests that can bring disease and irritation to pets and humans. You might instantly notice if a tick is on you, but your dog or cat might be the home of a tick too.

Ticks vary in size from being as small as a head of a pin to as large as a sunflower seed. If you notice a tick on the coat of your pet, you can remove it with a brush or comb, and discard it. If you notice that a tick is biting you or your pet’s skin, there is a process that must be taken for you to remove the tick in the right ways.

How To Remove A Tick

Firstly, get a pair of pointed tweezers, or specialty tick tweezers that you can get from a veterinarian. These will be your tools to force the tick off of you or your pet’s body. You will also need an empty jar or container. You will need the tick later to best understand what kind of tick it is.

Using the tweezers, grasp the tick as deep down as possible. You would like to grip the area where the tick’s mouth is biting the skin. If you grab the tick’s head, you can possibly cause the tick to transfer more organisms into you or your pet.

With a slow, careful motion, pull the tick out by its mouth. Don’t pull it out quickly or turn the tweezers as you pull. Doing so may cause the tick’s mouth or head to remain intact.

After Tick Removal

With the tick in your possession, place it inside the empty jar or container. Find out what kind of tick was on you or your pet. Go to your vet or pest control services, or even look up the tick on the internet to find out the species of tick. Some species of tick are more venomous than others, and if you find out that the tick might have been carrying a serious disease, consult with your vet for which steps to take in order to avoid or endure potential disease as best as possible.

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