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Is Pest Control Necessary During The Winter?

This year, southern Arizona experienced a long summer and an unusually warm fall. However, we’ve started to cool down over the past couple weeks. As temperatures continue to cool, it might bring up the question of whether pest control service is necessary in the winter. In southern Arizona the answer is “YES!”

It’s cool, but not cold!

One of the reasons many of us love living in Arizona is the mild winter weather, and pests love it too! Researchers have determined that most insects and spiders need temperatures in the 50’s in order to continue to be active and reproduce. As cold-blooded organisms, their body temperatures align with their surroundings and they begin to slow down and, in most cases, enter a state of hibernation when temperatures drop below a certain range. So even though we experience cool temperatures and even some cold nights, many pests are still able to function during most of our winter days.

Baby, it’s warm inside!

Although the exterior temperatures are cooler in the winter, many of us keep our homes and businesses much warmer. These comfortable conditions are great for us, but pests enjoy them too. Many pests begin making their way inside this time of year due to the warmer environment and the shelter it provides from other adverse conditions. In addition, pests like spiders that are secretly living inside year-round welcome these new menu items and may become more visible in their hunt for a meal.

A barrier of protection!

A major part of any pest control service program is creating and maintaining a barrier around the exterior of the structure. A pest control service will create a barrier using a combination of exclusion practices – like sealing off gaps and entry points – and the application of pest control products. However, it’s vital to maintain that barrier on a regular basis to ensure there aren’t any holes in the coverage. Continuing a pest control service through the winter months ensures that this protective barrier remains in force throughout the year.

If you’re seeing pests this winter or want to make sure your home or business is protected from desert pests, call the licensed professionals at Bill’s Home Service today.

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