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Africanized Honeybees

Africanized Honeybees, often referred to as “killer bees,” are more aggressive than their European honeybee counterparts and have become a notable concern in many regions, including Tucson and Green Valley. In fact, researchers now believe that 100% of the wild honeybees in southern Arizona are considered Africanized honeybees. Known for their defensive nature and tendency to swarm and attack perceived threats, these bees can pose significant risks to humans and animals. Bill’s Home Service offers expert solutions for safely managing Africanized honeybee infestations to protect the public and maintain bee populations essential for pollination.


  • Color: Similar to European honeybees, primarily golden-yellow with dark brown bands.
  • Size: Slightly smaller than the European honeybee, about 0.5 inches in length.
  • Body: Typical bee shape with a fuzzy body, visible stinger, and wings proportionate to the body.


Africanized Honeybees are highly protective of their hives and more likely to attack in greater numbers, which increases the risk of stings during an encounter. They are known for pursuing threats over longer distances than other bee species. These bees can colonize in various habitats, including hollow trees, walls, roofs, and other enclosed areas.


The primary threat from Africanized Honeybees comes from their aggressive defense behavior, leading to multiple stings that can be fatal, especially to allergic individuals or when in large numbers. Their presence in urban and residential areas increases the risk of encounters.

Control Measures 

Effective control of Africanized Honeybees involves:

  • Professional Removal: Due to their aggressive nature, removal should be handled by trained professionals equipped with the proper safety gear.
  • Habitat Modification: Sealing potential entry points in buildings and structures to prevent bees from establishing hives.
  • Public Education: Informing the community about how to recognize Africanized honeybee threats and appropriate response measures.

Bill’s Home Service is trained in dealing with Africanized honeybee threats, employing methods that ensure safety of people and pets while eliminating the threat of the colony.

For reliable management of Africanized honeybee issues in Tucson and Green Valley, trust Bill’s Home Service. Contact us today at (520) 277-2720 to schedule an inspection or to discuss safe and effective bee removal strategies.

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