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Centipedes are members of the arthropod family, and their defining features are their elongated bodies and numerous legs. Spanning inches long, centipedes range from about four to eight inches in size. The giant desert centipede stretches 20 centimeters long, but the average centipede is no bigger than 10 centimeters long. Larger centipedes are orange and have a black head and tail. These colors are indicative of a dangerous centipede.

Meanwhile, smaller ones boast brown and tan hues. Their bites can be painful, but centipedes aren’t inherently threatening. These creatures are found all across the globe but are more prolific in tropical areas. More specifically, centipedes are abundant throughout the United States and Mexico.

Using structures called gnathopods, centipedes inject their prey with venom. Described as pincer appendages, gnathopods inflict the most pain when they pinch down. Contrary to popular belief, centipedes are fast-paced creatures. They move exceptionally fast when feeding on smaller animals. Lizards, other arthropods, and small rodents are some common animals that centipedes hunt.

Where Can You Find Centipedes?

If you come across a desert centipede, you’ll likely find them hiding from the sun. These specific arthropods are nocturnal, so they like to spend their time underground. Regarding the life of a centipede, they’re cared for by their mother while still in the egg. To safeguard against bacteria and mold, the mother will coil and groom the egg. When they hatch, this same level of care continues until the young disperse a few days later.

When centipedes are present in the home, it can be quite alarming. Though these creatures can help control pest populations, they’re still a nuisance and can be a sign that another insect infestation is wreaking havoc on your home. For business owners, it’s especially important to keep centipede problems under control. In addition to putting off customers, centipedes can also be harmful if they pinch someone who is allergic to them. For the sake of keeping clients safe, your company’s reputation intact, and other infestations at bay, remove centipedes at the first sight of them.

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