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Pack Rats

Pack rats, also know as woods rats, are among the most common pests we encounter. These rodents have the potential to cause homes, businesses and even vehicles a lot of trouble. Here are a few important facts you should know about pack rats.

What Do Pack Rats Look Like?

In terms of size, pack rats are noticeably larger than the typical house mouse. Expect most of these rodents to average around eight inches in length. While the color of a pack rat can vary, you’ll notice that their underside tends to be lighter. Big ears and long whiskers further distinguish the pack rat.

Where Are Pack Rats Found?

Pack rats are often found in desert-like conditions, which makes Southern Arizona the perfect habitat. However, these rodents seem to hate the sunlight. They often build nests in hidden, dark spaces. Many homeowners often find pack rats hiding out in attics, storage sheds and unused BBQ grills. This is especially true on cool nights. While packs rats remain hidden during the daytime hours, they come out at night to scavenge for food and water.

Signs of Pack Rats

When pack racks are present on your property, you’ll likely run across nests around your property often in protected vegetation or structures. These nests can be made from a wide range of different materials, including cardboard, sticks and cactus. Pack rats are also drawn to bright, shiny objects. This is why it’s not uncommon to find jewelry, coins, soda cans, children’s toys and utensils in their nests. Droppings are another sign that you are dealing with a pack rat problem. Also, be on the lookout for chew marks on wires and walls. Because these rodents tend to be noisy, homeowners often hear them rummaging around after dark.

What Problems Can Pack Rats Cause?

Fortunately, pat racks aren’t aggressive towards people. The bad news is that they can quickly create unsanitary conditions. Even a single pack rat can leave behind a lot of urine and fecal droppings To help keep their teeth sharp, wood rats love to chew on stuff. This behavior can cause a surprising amount of property damage. They are known to chew on drywall, wood siding, plastic and they seem to especially enjoy wiring inside structures and vehicles. In addition to the damage being costly to repair, it can also create a safety hazard.

Like most other rodents, pack rats can spread sickness. Their nests can harbor quite a few different diseases including kissing bugs which are known carries of chagas disease. This is why it’s not recommended for you to attempt to remove a nest. Calling a professional to handle the problem is always the best approach.

If you have noticed the signs of pack rats on your property, be sure to call Bill’s Home Service. Our fully licensed professionals will eliminate these pests and help prevent future problems. Call use for a free quote on service.

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