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Paper Wasps

Paper Wasps are a common sight in many parts of the United States, including Tucson and Green Valley. Recognized for their unique nest-making behavior and distinctive appearance, these wasps are beneficial due to their predation on insects, which helps control pest populations. However, their presence can become a concern when nests are established near human activity. Bill’s Home Service provides effective management solutions to safely address paper wasp infestations and prevent potential harm.


  • Color: Generally brownish-black with yellow markings; some species have reddish markings.
  • Size: Typically about 0.5 to 1 inch in length.
  • Body: Slender body with a narrow waist, long legs, and smooth stingers.


Paper Wasps are semi-social and create nests made of a papery material, which they produce by mixing saliva and plant fibers. These nests typically have open combs with cells for rearing their young and are often found under eaves, in attics, or in other sheltered areas. Paper wasps are generally not aggressive but will sting if they feel their nest is threatened.


While beneficial for natural pest control, paper wasps can pose risks to humans and animals when nests are built in close proximity to occupied structures. Stings from paper wasps can be painful and may trigger allergic reactions in some individuals, making safe removal of nests near human activity crucial.

Control Measures 

Effective control of paper wasps involves:

  • Monitoring: Regularly check around your property for early signs of nest building, especially during spring.
  • Prevention: Use of preventive sprays under eaves and around windows and doors to deter wasps from building nests.
  • Safe Removal: Professional removal of established nests is recommended to avoid the risk of stings.

Bill’s Home Service offers professional wasp control services that ensure the safety of your household while preserving the ecological benefits wasps bring to your garden and local environment.

For reliable paper wasp management in Tucson and Green Valley, trust Bill’s Home Service. Contact us today at (520) 277-2720 to schedule an inspection or to discuss safe and effective wasp removal strategies.

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