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Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are the most destructive type of termite, responsible for more than $5 billion dollars in treatment and repair costs  in the United States every year. Despite our dry environment, subterranean termites are also Tucson and Green Valley’s number one most economic costly pest. These termites build their colonies underground and use mud tubes to access the wood in homes and other buildings, making them a formidable pest. Bill’s Home Service offers specialized termite control solutions designed to protect your property from the extensive damage these termites can cause.


  • Color: Creamy white to dark brown or black, depending on the caste.
  • Size: Typically about 1/8 to 1/2 inch in length, depending on the caste.
  • Body: Soft-bodied; workers have no wings, whereas reproductive termites have wings and are larger.


Subterranean termites require contact with soil to maintain their moisture levels and are rarely seen outside their colonies. They construct intricate mud tubes to provide moisture while they travel and to protect them from open air. These termites are voracious eaters known for consuming wood 24 hours a day, which can lead to rapid structural damage. Colonies typically consist of hundreds of thousands of members that function in three different castes: reproductive, workers, and soldiers.


Subterranean termites pose a significant threat to any wooden structure. Left unchecked, they can compromise the structural stability of homes and buildings, leading to costly repairs. Because they often remain hidden, the extent of their damage can be extensive by the time it is discovered.

Control Measures 

Effective control and prevention of subterranean termites involve:

  • Regular Inspections: Professional inspections performed at least annually can help detect signs of termite activity early before extensive damage occurs.
  • Soil Treatments: Application of termiticide to soil around and beneath a building helps create a barrier that kills termites as they attempt to enter.
  • Bait Systems: Installation of bait stations around the perimeter of a property to monitor and control termite populations.

Bill’s Home Service is adept at handling subterranean termite infestations, employing advanced treatment techniques that ensure the long-term protection of your property. Our experts are trained in the latest termite control technologies and can provide a comprehensive plan to keep your home or business termite-free.

For dependable subterranean termite control in Tucson and Green Valley, trust Bill’s Home Service. Contact us today at (520) 277-2720 to schedule a detailed inspection and to discuss effective treatment options tailored to your needs.

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