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Preventing Common Arizona Summer Pests

The hottest weather of the year has arrived, meaning more critters and crawlers. There are pests of all kinds in Green Valley and Tucson area. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them from infiltrating your home. Here are some of the most common pests we see this time of year.

Crickets & June Bugs

Crickets and June bugs (a common name for many of our small desert beetles) enjoy the warm summer nights and the humid summer air brought by the monsoons. Although neither are especially dangerous, they can be irritating to homeowners as well as attract unwanted predators like scorpions and spiders. Crickets especially like damp conditions so be on the lookout for water leaks in irrigation and water meter boxes, leaking faucets and plumbing, and areas of landscaping that are being over-watered. June bugs tend to be attracted to outdoor lights. Try to limit the time that outdoor lights are left on or consider switching to yellow bulbs that tend to be less appealing to insects.


Scorpions are scary-looking and for good reason; they can deliver a painful and serious sting. At worst, the venom can be fatal, so it’s important to protect yourself and your loved ones from them. As is the case for preventing any type of pest, keep food (insects) and water sources to a minimum. In addition, seal any openings critters can fit through. Scorpions only need about the thickness of a credit card to gain access.

If you feel particularly brave, you can detect scorpions around your house with a black light. When nightfall comes, shine this light throughout your home and yard; scorpions glow bright green under the UV light. From there, the areas where you find scorpion populations can be strategically targeted for treatments.


All kinds of spiders live in Southern Arizona. Most spiders will bite when threatened, but only a few species are considered dangerous, like the black widow and the Arizona brown spider. To keep them away from your home, reducing their food sources is a must. Keeping crickets, June bugs, flies, gnats, and other insects away will decrease spider populations. It’s also important to seal cracks and limit entry points to the home. Spiders love hiding in and around clutter and stored items, so it helps to keep your home and yard as well maintained as possible.

All these pests can be effectively controlled by taking the steps outlined above and pairing them with a regular pest control maintenance program. The licensed technicians at Bill’s Home Service have been protecting Southern Arizona residents from these summer pests for over 55 years. To learn more about protecting your home this summer, call (520) 625-2381 or visit