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Signs of a Harvester Ant Infestation

Harvester ants may not be as destructive as termites or carpenter ants, but they are aggressive and known to sting when provoked. If you suspect they invaded your property, take action to get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are some telltale signs of a harvester ant infestation.


The first step in knowing if you have a harvester ant infestation is being able to identify the creature. Harvester ants are a larger species that measure between ¼ to ½ an inch in length and range in color from orange, red, brown, or black. Like all ants, they have six legs, three distinctive sections on their bodies, and elbowed antennae.


Harvester ants build distinctive mounds made of fine gravel in the middle of cleared nest areas. They feed on different grass and tree seeds so there are often small pieces of discarded seed pods and other vegetation surrounding the mound. These ants work to keep the general area clear of vegetation, though, to help regulate the underground nest temperatures.

Foraging Patterns

Depending on the species of the harvester ant, the workers will either use scent-marked foraging trails that are followed to and from the nest, or they will simply disperse in all directions individually. Harvester ants typically search for seeds from one specific type of plant until they exhaust that supply and then they will switch to another plant species. In some cases, harvester ants have also been known to consume certain insects.

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