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Signs You Need a Professional Exterminator

No matter what kind of pest you have in your home, it’s never a pleasant experience. In rare cases, dealing with the issues with natural remedies, store-bought chemicals or traps is a viable option, but more often than not, relying on the experts is your best bet. Here are some signs that it’s time to […]

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How Bed Bugs Can Ruin Your Sleep

According to an article published in The New York Times, one in five American homes is plagued by Bed Bugs. With such a staggering number of infestations, given there are an estimated 333 million Americans in 2021, these pests are sure to cause some sleepless nights for many people. Sleepless nights? Well, the old saying […]

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Spring Pest Prevention Tips

People love living in Arizona because of the nearly year-round hot and dry climate. Unfortunately, pests love Arizona for the exact same reason. Whether it is scorpions, bees or centipedes, they all seek a place to live and a cool shelter out of the sun. If that shelter is inside your home or business, they […]

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Pests That Are Common in Arizona

Every state has its share of annoying insects and rodents that cause damage to your house or cause harm to your loved ones and pets. Arizona is no exception. Keep reading for common pests that you can find in your house.  Cockroaches The most commonly found species of cockroaches found in Arizona are the Brown-banded […]

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5 Tips for Tackling Termites

Even with our dry weather, termite control in Arizona is an ongoing concern for residents and businesses. Subterranean termites are a pervasive nuisance that can cause serious damage — both to your house and your finances — without prompt removal and proper prevention. To help you protect your property, here are five key tips for […]

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Why Rodents Invade Your Home

The presence of rodents is often thought to indicate that your home is unclean. Given the number of diseases rodents like rats carry, that is true once they have moved in. However, rodents are not always a sign of poor housekeeping. There is a multitude of reasons why rodents invade your home.  Food and Water […]

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Why Do I Have Ants in My Clean House?

You take out the trash regularly, keep the dishes clean, and your sink is spotless. Your counters have nary a crumb, and your food is stored in airtight containers. You do everything you can to keep your home pristine… so why do you still have ants in your nice, clean home? Ants are the bane […]

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