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The New Homeowner’s Guide to Termite Infestations

At Bill’s Home Service Company, we’ve been dealing with termite infestations and other pests for over 55 years. So trust us when we say the last thing that you need is a termite infestation as a new homeowner.

But, if that’s the situation you’ve found yourself in, or if you’re worried about it in the future, there are some things that you need to know. Stick with us, and we’ll walk you through all of it.

First, find out if there are termites. 

Whether we’re talking about drywood termites that burrow deep inside wooden structures or subterranean termites that are usually found underground, they cause significant damage over time. The problem is they’re trickier than a lot of other pests because they can go on living in those areas for a while without being detected. 

To help, here are some signs to look out for:

  • Wood that sounds hollow when you knock on it. 
  • Tiny holes appear in the drywall.
  • Buckling laminate or wooden floorboards. 
  • Tiles are loosening. 
  • Discoloring in the drywall.
  • Crumbling, damaged wood that looks beaten up. 
  • Patterns that appear as mazes on furniture or walls. 
  • Windows or doors getting stuck. 
  • Termite pellets, which are often mistaken as piles of pepper or salt.
  • Piles of wings that can appear to be fish scales. 
  • Mud tubes that ascend the foundation of your home. 
  • Flying termites anywhere on the property.

Second, if there are termites, assess how bad the damage is.

You can start by going around the house with a fine-tooth comb and documenting any kind of irregularities you find, particularly damage to wood or paint.

You also need to spend a good deal of time in the attic or basement. Look at trusses, floor beams, and plywood sheathing under the roofing. When you check the basement, look specifically at the structure. 

Framing and cosmetic things on the outside of the house can be fixed easily, so you can contact someone to come out and give you a quote for those damages.

Finally, contact help.

Ideally, you should do this before you even assess the damages. You want to have those termites out of the house as soon as possible, so they can’t do more damage. For the quickest help that’s experienced in termite control, call Bill’s Home Service Company.