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Top 5 Places Pests Like to Hide Inside

Having pests in your home can be disturbing and disconcerting. To truly gain control of pest issues indoors, it’s important to know where to look. Here are five places in your home where pests love to hide.


Kitchens are an ideal location for pests. From cupboards to kitchen appliances to pantries to trash cans, kitchens contain three items that pests need to survive: food, water, and shelter. All the cabinets and appliances that are never moved offer great shelter. Sinks, dishwashers and even pet water bowls offer plenty of water sources. Finally, the kitchen is full of food sources from stored items in pantries to spilled food scraps. There’s only so much you can do about these conditions, but it’s important to remember not to leave food out and to clean up after yourself as much as possible. In addition, be mindful of water leaks and try not to leave standing water out—especially overnight.


Another room in your home where bugs like to live is in your bathroom. Most pests are attracted to these rooms because they enjoy moist, dark places. The shower, bath, and faucet create a water source for them, and the cupboards turn into their homes. If certain sinks and drains aren’t used often, make sure to use the stopper to prevent sewer-dwelling insects like American cockroaches from climbing up. An easy DIY solution is to fill a sandwich bag with water and place it over the drain.

Crannies and Closets

There are many nooks, crannies, and closets in any home. These are great places for pests to hide. They usually don’t get disturbed a lot, especially at the bottom of the pantry floor or in a coat closet. This makes them the perfect hiding spot for unwelcome guests. Most pests like scorpions, cockroaches, and spiders enjoy dark places, and these are perfect hiding spots. Clean these areas from time to time but use caution when moving boxes because you don’t know what might be hiding behind or underneath them.


Bedrooms are another place where pests like to frequent. Like many other areas, bedrooms have plenty of hiding places. Bed bugs especially enjoy bedrooms because their food source is typically close by. Cleaning rooms frequently and checking that clothes and other items are picked up will help ensure you have sweet dreams at night.


Furniture is another great hiding place for pests. Bed bugs and fleas tend to hang out on or between the couch cushions or tucked under and behind couches and bookcases along with spiders, scorpions, and carpet beetles. Moving furniture from time to time and keeping couches and chairs clean will help prevent pests from frequenting your space.

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