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Types of Scorpions Found in Arizona

With several dozen species of scorpions native to Arizona, these arachnids are unfortunately common in Southern Arizona. They can creep around in your yard or throughout your home and may sting you when you least expect it. All species have an identifiable tail that carries venom as well as pincer-like claws that protrude from the front. The most common species in Arizona are the bark scorpion, the striped-tale or devil’s scorpion and the giant desert hairy scorpion.

Arizona Bark Scorpion

The bark scorpion is considered to be the most venomous species in the state. A sting may result in extreme swelling and redness, numbness, muscle spasms, foaming at the mouth and in some cases even death. Unlike many other species found in the area, the bark scorpion has a thin tail and a dainty body. Its yellowish or tan color makes it difficult to see in many environments. This scorpion, which can grow to a few inches long, is usually found crawling on trees, rocks and even walls in homes. While many other species prefer to live alone, the bark scorpion may live in large groups.

Striped-Tail/Devil’s Scorpion

The striped-tail scorpion is the most prevalent species in Arizona and is found throughout the southwestern region of the United States. Typically, they live under rocks and dwell closer to the ground. Striped-tail scorpions can grow up to 2 inches long, and they are slightly thicker than the bark scorpion. A notable distinction is a brown stripe that runs down their back. Unlike the bark scorpion, the venom from their sting typically causes minimal discomfort.

Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion

The giant desert hairy scorpion has been appropriately named because it is one of the largest scorpions native to the U.S. and can grow up to 7 inches. It is one of the less common species in Arizona, but its size, girth and aggression can cause intimidation. This tan or olive green-colored scorpion can eat lizards and even small mammals, but humans describe its sting similar to a bee’s sting.

All types of scorpions can enter your home through tiny cracks and crevices that you may not be aware of. They often seek shelter in dark spaces, such as in shoes, piles of dirty laundry or even your bedsheets. Because scorpions seek water sources, they also are commonly found under sinks. If you spot one scorpion on your property, there are likely many others that you have not found. These arachnids can disrupt your home life and cause painful stings or worse.

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