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What to Do When Termites Move into Your Home

It’s termite season in Southern Arizona, and if you suspect that subterranean termites have moved into your home, the steps to take during the early stages of an infestation are vital. Learning to spot the red flags is step one.

Spotting the Red Flags

Termites could remain undetected in your home for months, or even years, if you don’t know how to spot them. The good news is that detecting termites is not hard when you know what to look for. Subterranean termites always travel in shelter tubes or mud tunnels advancing up your home’s foundation, or even inside on a wall or ceiling. However, in some cases, the only visible indication is a small exit hole on an interior wall surrounded by a little dirt. If you spot these red flags, it’s likely that termites have invaded. The next step is to take protective action with an effective treatment method.

Liquid Barriers

The most common treatment method uses a liquid termiticide to create a chemical barrier around your home. A chemical barrier is a great, quick strike method to gain immediate control of an infestation. It also provides ongoing protection against future attacks, but its effectiveness dissipates relatively quickly due to the harsh desert environment in Southern Arizona.

Bait Stations

A termite baiting system is another effective treatment for termites. Using a system like the Sentricon® System with AlwaysActive™ Technology creates a ring of protection around your home. The termites travel into the bait stations, consume the treated wood bait, and bring it back to the rest of the colony. As a bonus, the treated bait stays solid in the stations and its effectiveness doesn’t reduce over time, making the system a proactive approach to termite control as opposed to reactive like traditional liquid treatments.

Bill’s Home Service

Due to their destructive behavior, termites should always be treated by trained and licensed professionals. Contact Bill’s Home Service at (520) 625-2381 for a free termite inspection today. Our licensed technicians will provide a thorough inspection and develop a plan to ensure your home is protected from subterranean termites.