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What to Expect From A Termite Treatment

Whether you live in Green Valley, Tucson, Vail, Oro Valley, or anywhere else in Southern Arizona, discovering termite activity at your home or business is bound to happen sooner or later. Once you notice signs of termites – like mud tunnels on your foundation – and have it confirmed by a licensed pest control professional, what can you expect to happen next?

Understanding Termite Behavior

As their name suggests, Subterranean termites live underground and travel through the soil in search of wood to consume. Therefore, even if they are found in a structure above ground, the termites must travel back into the soil to bring their harvest back to the nest and feed the rest of the colony. In addition, termites constantly send scouts throughout the soil in search for wood. Even when they’ve already found a viable food source, other scouts still search for more in other areas. With this in mind, pest control professionals will typically focus their treatments on the soil all around – and even under – the structure. Most pest control companies will use either a liquid-based termiticide or a termite baiting system for this treatment.

Liquid Treatment

The most common treatment method uses a liquid-based termiticide product which is injected into the soil around the home along the foundation. Where the soil is easily accessible, a small trench about four to six inches wide and about six inches deep will be dug against the foundation. The trench is then filled with the liquid termiticide per the product’s label instructions. If the area adjacent to the foundation is covered by concrete or brick, small holes will be drilled through the surface so that the liquid termiticide can be injected into the soil below. Depending on the type of foundation the structure has and where the termite activity is located, it may be necessary to treat areas inside using a foam version of the termiticide or even drilling into the concrete slab on the interior to treat the soil below the home.

Termite Baiting System

Another common termite treatment method is the use of a termite baiting system. The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ is considered the industry leader. The system consists of a series of bait stations that are inserted into the ground around the perimeter of the home that form a protective ring. A specially designed bait block is then placed in each station and based on the termites’ natural foraging behavior, they will find the stations and begin feeding on the bait eventually leading to the elimination of the colony. In many cases, a liquid termiticide is used to treat existing infestations while the baiting system serves as the long-term termite protection.

Regardless of the treatment method you choose for your home or business, it’s important that it’s performed by a licensed pest control professional with experience treating termites. At Bill’s Home Service, we’ve been treating termite infestations in Southern Arizona for more than 55 years. Call our licensed professionals at (520) 200-7043 to get started on ridding your home or business of termites.