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When It Comes to Termites, Baiting Is Best

When it comes to controlling termites in southern Arizona there are many treatment methods. The most common termite species in our community is the subterranean termite which build their nests in the ground and send their workers through the soil in search of food eventually landing them in our homes and businesses. Therefore, treating the soil around the structure is the most effective control method.

Liquid Termiticide Treatments

The use of a liquid termiticide is the most common treatment and includes injecting the liquid product into the soil. Repellent termiticides were the preferred formulation for years, but more modern non-repellent formulations should be utilized now because they actually eliminate the termite colony instead of just shooing them in another direction. Liquid termiticides tend to break down quickly in the soil due to our harsh heat, diminishing their effectiveness over time making them a more reactive treatment method.

Baiting Systems

Termite baiting systems are another common and effective treatment for subterranean termites. This treatment involves the placement of cylindrical bait stations into the soil surrounding a structure creating a protective ring. Originally, bait stations would be pre-baited with wood blocks and once the termites began consuming the wood a termiticide infused material would replace the wood blocks. Today, most stations include a wood-termiticide bait block providing protection as soon as the system is installed. The baiting system is very eco-friendly because the termiticide does not run off into the soil.

In addition, the product doesn’t break down quickly like the liquid treatment and therefore is a more proactive approach to termite control. Baiting systems can take longer to control an active infestation because they rely on the termites to find the stations. However, in most cases a liquid treatment can be used to control active infestations while the baiting system becomes the long-term solution to termite control.

Regardless of what type of treatment best fits your property’s needs, an important first step is finding out if you have an active infestation or not. The professionals at Bill’s Home Service provide free termite inspections and proposals for treatment. Bill’s has been a leader in termite control services in southern Arizona for more than 55 years and has the knowledge and experience to protect your home or business from the threat of termites.

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