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Which Plants in My House are Attracting Pests?

Your family is not the only one that enjoys houseplants. Unfortunately, these wonderful decorations also tend to make them the perfect habitats for unwanted pests. From soils as a place to live from food offered by the plant, many pests love houseplants. 

Nearly every type of houseplant can attract pests, unless they have leaves poisonous to bugs. Some types of plants that repel bugs include citronellas, cissus and the Venus flytrap. If you do not select a houseplant that specifically deters pests, expect it to attract them. However, you can take steps to keep your plants from becoming a pest magnet.

Do not Overwater Your Plants

Bugs absolutely love wet conditions. Many flies spawn in small puddles of water. Bugs are not the only pest that likes water, though. Fungi will start to grow on your soil and plants if you make the mistake of overwatering them. This can cause serious harm to your plants.

Some fungi can overwhelm and kill a houseplant. Other kinds like mold can have serious health implications for you and your family. Make sure all of your indoor potted plants do not retain too much water and only water them as needed. Too much water alone can kill your houseplants. 

What Kinds of Pests do Houseplants Attract?

Houseplants attract a variety of pests, including fungi gnats. This nuisance is a very small fly that visually resembles a mosquito. Despite their appearance, they do not bite and won’t attack your plant, except in the larvae stage when they feed on your plant’s roots. Fungi gnats love the moist soil offered by houseplants, so avoid overwatering to avoid pests.

Aphids are one of the most bothersome pests that harass your houseplants. Once they find a proper hosting plant, these oval-shaped bugs secrete a substance that attracts other pests. Aphids feed on the plant, causing its leaves to wither and curl. You often have to cut off the infested portions of your plant to keep them from spreading.

Finally, spider mites also make their homes in houseplants. They spin little webs around the plant, and their presence can kill the plant if left unchecked. 

Dealing with Pests

Fortunately, a pest control expert can protect your house and your plants from unwanted pests. If you know or suspect that you have a pest problem, Bill’s Home Service Company is your solution. Our team of highly skilled and trained pest control technicians has been restoring homes in Pima, Pinal and Santa Cruz County to a pest-free state for more than 55 years. Contact us today and start taking your home back from unwelcome invaders! 

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