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How to Identify Pest Infestations for Homeowners & Businesses

When it comes to pest invasion in our Tucson and Green Valley homes and businesses, the terms “bugs” and “insects” are often used interchangeably. However, there are differences between them and even a whole group of “arachnids” that fall outside the two. Understanding this disparity can aid in effective pest control strategies and help homeowners and businesses identify and address infestations promptly.

Key Characteristics:

In everyday language, the term “bug” is frequently used to describe any small, creepy-crawly creature. However, in the realm of entomology, bugs belong to a specific order called Hemiptera. Members of this order share certain characteristics such as a specialized mouthpart called a proboscis, used to pierce, and suck fluids from plants or animals.

Insects encompass a broader category within the animal kingdom. They belong to the class Insecta and are characterized by having six legs, typically a pair of antennae, and three distinct body segments: head, thorax, and abdomen. Insects are incredibly diverse, with over a million described species.

While often mistaken for insects, arachnids belong to a completely separate category within the animal kingdom. Arachnids have eight legs and only two body segments: cephalothorax and abdomen.

Chart comparing characteristics of Bugs, Insects, and Arachnids

Understanding the distinction between bugs, insects, and arachnids is crucial for effective pest management. Differentiating can help homeowners and pest control professionals choose the most appropriate treatments and prevention methods.

The expertly trained professionals at Bill’s Home Service have been putting pests to rest since 1964, and have the knowledge to quickly identify bugs, insects, and arachnids and establish effective treatment plans to eliminate infestations. For more information on our desert pests and how to protect your Southern Arizona home or business, contact us here or call (520) 277-2719.