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Arizona Brown Spider vs Brown Recluse Spider

A common question we receive from customers is if we have the famed brown recluse spiders in Southern Arizona. Brown recluse spiders are notorious for their fiddle shaped markings and their vicious bites that can cause tissue death, but are not native to Southern Arizona and have not been found to be able to establish themselves outside of the Midwest United States. However, the Arizona brown spider is their closely related cousin and is commonly found throughout the southwestern U.S.


Although it’s possible to find a brown recluse in Southern Arizona (usually from boxes or furniture brought from the Midwest), it’s more likely to be an Arizona brown spider. The Arizona brown spider is slightly smaller than the brown recluse at just 1/3 inch from head to abdomen. The Arizona brown spider has a similar darker brown fiddle marking on its head, but it’s less distinct than the brown recluse. Both spiders have six eyes arranged in pairs, with one pair on the front and one pair on each side of its head.


Both spiders belong to the Loxosceles family, which is a family of recluse spiders. Therefore, they prefer secluded areas that aren’t likely to be disturbed. Arizona brown spiders will be found in rocks and woodpiles outside or storage boxes and attics inside.


Although the Arizona brown spider is considered a medically significant pest and can cause similar tissue damage as a brown recluse, it’s estimated that less than 10% of Arizona brown spider bites result in a significant reaction. However, if you think you may have been bitten by an Arizona brown spider, the bite should be monitored closely, and you contact a medical professional for evaluation.

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