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How to Get Rid of Scorpions

A couple weeks ago we received a frantic call from a homeowner in Oro Valley, AZ who had just found a scorpion in their bathroom. Our customer service representative answered the phone and without providing any context, the homeowner just said, “How do I get rid of scorpions in my house?” Our team member didn’t skip a beat and handled the call with ease, because after 58 years in the business, we’ve learned a thing or two.


The first step in preventing scorpions in your home is making sure they can’t get in easily. Scorpions only need a gap about the width of a credit card to gain entry, so making sure your door sweeps and any cracks in your exterior walls, doors, and windows are properly sealed is essential. In addition, some scorpion species like the bark scorpion are able climbers, so it’s important to keep your trees and other landscaping trimmed away from the house.

Water & Food

Scorpions have specially designed exoskeletons to help them retain as much moisture as possible in our arid desert environment. However, just like all living creatures they still need water sources. Therefore, it’s important to repair any water leaks and not over water your landscaping. In addition, the other insects that scorpions feed on can even serve as a source of water on top of the other nutrients they provide. As such, eliminating other pests around your home will help to keep scorpions away.

Regular Pest Control Program

A regular pest control program is the ultimate way to get rid of scorpions. At Bill’s Home Service, we’ve found that using our specially designed product at least every other month to form a barrier around the perimeter of your home is extremely effective at eliminating scorpions as well as the other insects they’re seeking. For more information about scorpions and our pest control service program, visit or call (520) 200-7043.