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Common Arizona Spring Pests

Clear skies and cool weather are two features of spring here in Arizona. Many of us are ready to get outside and be active again. Unfortunately, pests are no different. They’re ready to get inside your home to satisfy their hunger and reproduce before you even realize that you have a problem on your hands. Certain pests thrive during springtime, so which ones should you be on the lookout for? Keep reading to find out. 


Arizona is home to a number of termite species. All told, our residents spend millions of dollars each year dealing with them. They mostly appear in the spring and summer to reproduce. Termites come from the soil or through any other wood-to-ground contact. 

These insects chew and eat through wood, creating tunnels internally. Blistering or dark spots on the wood usually signal that termites are working there. The two most common types you’ll see here are Subterranean and Drywood termites

Subterranean termites are attracted to moist environments, which spring weather ushers in each year. Drywood termites, on the other hand, are attracted to wood areas in general. Subterranean termites eat wood that’s near underground soil, while drywood termites consume dry wood. 


Ants are another pest that calls Arizona home. In fact, we have the most ant species of any state in the country. The three types you’re most likely to see are carpenter, fire and harvester ants. These insects can multiply very fast, so it’s best to act quickly if you notice them in your home. 

During the spring, ants are out and ready to eat. They scavenge your pantry for food, preferring sweeter morsels. Ants invade your home through any open doors or windows as well as holes and cracks in the walls. 


Spiders don’t often have any real reason for entering your home. They normally end up there because they see an opportunity in the form of a small hole or crevice. They don’t plan on leaving either! As the weather heats up in the springtime, these insects are ready to hunt for their next meal and reproduce. Your home provides them with plenty of food and comfort, giving them a reason to stay. 

You’ll know if spiders have become your house guests when webs or, worse yet, bitemarks start to appear. It’s best to immediately call for an inspection. Many species of spiders are capable of poisonous bites, which can make you sick or, in rare instances, prove fatal. 


Cockroaches like to seek out your home in the winter to hibernate. But, they’re up and moving in the warmer months of spring. That’s when you realize you’ve been providing a place for these disease-carrying insects to stay this whole time! That’s right, these creepy crawlers carry intestinal diseases they can transmit to you, such as typhoid fever, cholera, diarrhea and dysentery. 

Having a roach infestation can and will become a health hazard to you. If you know or suspect your home has an infestation, call on pest control professionals immediately. To prevent them from entering your home in the first place, it helps to keep food sealed and stored away and tour home sealed off. 

Arizona is ranked as one of the areas with the most pest infestations. You’re likely to deal with an infestation if you haven’t already. Don’t stress yourself out struggling to get rid of pests when you can have professionals do that for you. To enjoy your spring pest-free, Contact Bill’s Home Service today and get a free quote!

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