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Southern Arizona’s Most Common Scorpion

Arizona is home to more than 30 different species of scorpion, but the most common species that we find in the Green Valley and Tucson areas is the striped tail scorpion.


Also known as the devil scorpion, the striped-tail scorpion has adapted to thrive in a variety of habitats ranging from sandy deserts to grasslands to mountains. They prefer to hide under rocks, wood piles, potted plants, and other well protected areas during the day to avoid the heat and predators. They also can be found inside behind boxes, under furniture, and behind appliances.

Physical Characteristics

Striped-tail scorpions are medium-sized with a total body length typically around 2 inches for adults. They tend to have light yellow to brown coloring with distinct dark ridges running lengthwise along the tail. Their tail segments are also typically shorter and stouter than those of the bark scorpion.


Being nocturnal, striped-tail scorpions are inactive during the day, but emerge late in the evening and at night to hunt and mate. These scorpions are generally not considered social and tend to only come together to mate. Females give birth to live scorpions through the summer month who immediately climb on their mother’s back and remain there until their first molt around 7 to 21 days after birth. Like other scorpion species, striped-tail scorpions are carnivores and eat other insects like crickets, spiders and even other scorpions. They use their stinger to inject a toxin to subdue their prey and their pinchers to control and tear them apart for consumption. Their sting can be very painful, but is not considered extremely harmful to most humans.


Striped-tail scorpions can fit through small openings so it’s important to make sure weather-stripping and screens are properly sealed. Look for signs of moisture and water leaks and correct these issues quickly to limit vital water sources for scorpions. Also, regular pest control service is an effective tool to control scorpions by targeting both the scorpion as well as their prey which makes your home a less desirable location.

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