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Common Arizona Summer Pests and How To Prevent Them

The hottest weather of the year has arrived. With that comes critters and crawling things. There are pests of all kinds in Arizona, but these are the most common. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them from infiltrating your home.


Scorpions are scary-looking, and for good reason. They can deliver a painful and serious sting. At worst, the venom can be fatal, so it’s important to protect you and your loved ones from them.

As is the case for preventing any type of pest, try to keep clutter around your house to a minimum, along with food sources. Seal any openings you may find where critters can fit through – scorpions only need about the thickness of a credit card to gain access. Furthermore, take care not to leave damp towels on your floor. The cool, moist space it creates is the perfect hiding spot for scorpions.

If you feel particularly brave, you can detect scorpions around your house with a black light. When nightfall comes, shine this light throughout your home and yard. You’ll find the scorpions this way, because they glow bright green. From there, you can eliminate them, while taking precautions not to get stung.


Ants might not be poisonous, but they can pack a painful bite. These pests are mostly a nuisance, attracted to any food you leave around. They can arrive at a moment’s notice after a food or drink spills. That is why it’s important that you take time to thoroughly clean up after every meal. Clean up spills quickly. In general, store your food in cabinets and containers off the floor so its scent remains undetectable. This goes for pet food, too– ants are not picky eaters.


All kinds of spiders live in Arizona. Not all of them are harmful, but all of them are a nuisance. They spin webs you may not be able to see, which makes it easy to accidentally walk into them. That’s not exactly pleasant! Typically, these webs are found outdoors around patio furniture and other equipment. Some can be poisonous, so be careful if you come into contact with one. The last thing you want to do is bring spiders inside, so be sure to keep your outside items separate from your inside ones. Anytime you bring something that usually stays outside into your home, you’re susceptible to bringing in an unwanted visitor.

If any of these pests become a problem in your home, don’t delay. Contact Bill’s Home Service right away.

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