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Why You Don’t Want Termites

There are many different pests that are no stranger to Arizona residents, but one of the most familiar is the termite. Not only can termites be very hard to remove from your property, but they also can cause permanent damage to your home’s structure and foundation.

Termites and Where They Come From

How do termites get inside in the first place? They can come in through cracks of your home’s foundation or floor. They can also create tunnels to your home’s foundation and get in through your drywall. It is very importantly to not take these small pests lightly, as nobody should welcome them in the home.

The most obvious thing to know about termites is that they love eating wood. When they eat wood, they will tend to leave behind holes as thin as a needle. If you can’t see any holes or damage on wood, then you could definitely feel a difference by tapping on it. Wood that becomes hollow means that the wood’s structural support has decrease to a degree.

Why Termites Need To Be Dealt With

If left untreated, you could need to undergo costly home repairs in order to fix the damage caused by the hungry jaws of the termites, which is not a direction that any homeowner would want to go in. Therefore, it is best to take care of termites as soon as you notice them, so that the problems they may cause do not get worse over time.

For signs of termites, look for holes or cracks wood posts, beams, or even drywall. Another tell-tale sign of termites are the mud tunnels along the foundation stem wall. If you see small holes or mud tunnels, then you know you have a problem on your hands.

Hiring pest control services allows you to be able to locate termites as well as get rid of them from your home so that your home is no longer at risk. When pest control services deal with termites at an early phase of the invasion, costs for home repairs are minimal and less time-consuming.

Bill’s Home Service proudly serves thousands of different residents across the state of Arizona. For over 50 years, we’ve been ridding homes of termites, rodents and other unwanted pests to rave reviews. Contact Bill’s Home Service today for a free quote.

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