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How Bed Bugs Can Ruin Your Sleep

According to an article published in The New York Times, one in five American homes is plagued by Bed Bugs. With such a staggering number of infestations, given there are an estimated 333 million Americans in 2021, these pests are sure to cause some sleepless nights for many people. Sleepless nights?

Well, the old saying goes, “Sleep tight, don’t let the Bed bugs bite.” The creator of this children’s rhyme seemingly knew these parasitic bugs’ habits and that their presence could ruin a good night’s sleep. Here’s how this can happen. 

Bed Bugs and Body Heat

The average temperature of the human body ranges between 97.8-98.7 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is attractive to bed bugs and serves as a nocturnal beacon for these unwanted guests. They will often feed upon the host for several minutes before getting their fill.

Though most people do not feel the bite when it occurs, they usually begin to notice the sensation soon after. Bed bugs can aggravate the skin and especially wreak havoc upon allergy sufferers. These bites can become swollen and create sores that can last for several days. This itching and swelling can cause discomfort and interruption to the victim’s sleep. 

Bed Bugs and Anxiety

Psychologically, bed bugs can be just as irritating. Those afflicted tend to focus on the idea of being bitten, fed upon and this realization can become more harmful than the pain and inflammation itself. Depending on the size of the infestation, people may or may not experience new bites nightly. The thoughts of this invasion can become a mental barrier to getting a healthy amount of sleep. 

Bed Bugs and Survivability

As if the idea of being preyed on every night is not stressful enough, many people become troubled over the challenge of getting rid of bed bugs. They have been known to survive multiple treatments from over-the-counter products and continue to breed, unaffected by these efforts.

These insects cannot be removed easily and commonly migrate to nearby buildings or even surrounding apartments until their return to feeding grounds is safe. This seemingly endless battle between parasite and host typically increases the sleeplessness of sufferers. 

Without proper knowledge on how to stop the reproductive cycle of and eliminate this resilient intruder, bed bug infestations can last from months to even years. For more information on how to sleep tight without the bite, please contact Bills Home Service Company.

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