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Is There Such A Thing As A Good Spider?

To some people there’s no such thing as a “good” spider, but generally speaking there are many spiders in Arizona that are considered beneficial. In fact, the majority of spiders in our area are pretty harmless. They may bite when they feel trapped, but their bites tend to be very mild and only cause a brief, minor irritation. So what are some of the common beneficial spiders in Arizona?


Although probably the most menacing looking spider, Tarantulas are the least dangerous and most beneficial spider in Arizona. Tarantulas are normally 3-4 inches long with long, blackish-brown or tan hair. They are considered beneficial because they feed on many insects and other spiders – a natural source of pest control.

Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders also have a threatening appearance, but they typically show little aggression toward humans. They have a brown and gray coloration and are usually found outdoors. Occassionally, they will wander indoors in search of water or food like smaller insects and other pests.

Orb Weaver Spider

A relatively small spider at just 6-10 millimeters long, orb weaver spiders are another common spider in Arizona that’s typically found outside. Many are orange, yellow, brown and black and have a large bulbous abdomen. They build circular webs in plants or trees where they catch flying insects as their prey. When found indoors, they prefer quiet corners and other protected areas with an adequate food source.

Although many spiders in Arizona can be beneficial it doesn’t mean that people feel the need to cohabitate with them. For help ensuring that these spiders and the insects they seek remain in nature where they belong, call the professionals at Bill’s Home Service today.

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