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Tips for Enjoying a Pest Free Holiday Season

Opening up your home to friends and family during the holidays is one of the great joys of the season. It gives a chance to catch up, share old memories and make new stories as we gather together to celebrate life and love.

As much as we enjoy having these visitors come into our home, one thing we do not want to do is have unexpected visitors such as rodents, insects and other pests move into our house at the same time. If you’re looking to keep these unwanted guests out of your home during the upcoming holidays, then it’s important to be vigilant and practice some preventative steps. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Shake Out That Tree

For many people, one of the great traditions of Christmas is bringing home a live tree to decorate and enjoy. The problem with live trees, however, is that they are live — as in, existing in nature. As such, they are often home to creatures you’d rather keep out in the cold.

Even though many tree farms treat their trees, you never know what might be living in that perfect tree you just picked out. Before taking it inside, inspect it thoroughly for any sign of infestation, and be sure to shake it out. You might not catch everything in there, but this can help you get out the worst of the worst.

Inspect Your Packages

Many people have taken to online shopping during the holidays. It really does make this season more convenient and easier to deal with. The problem is that bugs love cardboard boxes. While you’re bringing in the latest toys or clothes, you might also be bringing in roaches and other unwanted visitors.

Make sure you visually inspect all of your boxes before bringing them inside and opening them up — and when you do open them up, do so in a well-lit, controlled environment where it’s easy to see if they have any hitchhikers.

Store Firewood Outside

The crackle of a good fire certainly puts a nice spin on the holidays. However, wood piles are a very attractive place for pests to bed down for the winter. Store your wood outside, far away from your house to discourage them from hopping from the wood to your warmer, more inviting home.

Also, don’t bring in your wood early. Let it sit outside until it’s ready to burn! Letting it stay inside for a few extra hours (or even less) just gives its inhabitants a chance to jump ship, so to speak, and see what your home has to offer.

As you enjoy the holidays, please keep in mind that unwanted pests are also trying to pay you a visit this time of year. Don’t let them! If you need more help keeping your home infestation-free this holiday season, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Bill’s Home Service Company today!

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