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Summer Showers Bring…BUGS!!!

It’s monsoon season in the desert – a beautiful time of strong summer storms that bring much needed rain to the parched land. The almost daily storms help cool temperatures, entertain with mesmerizing lightning shows, and give life to many native plants and animals. The monsoons also provide ideal conditions for many of our desert pests.

Most desert insects have adapted to our climate and are able to function well under extreme heat and dry conditions. However, when temperatures are still warm and come with moisture these pests tend to thrive.


Although scorpions have extra layers of lipids on their exoskeletons that minimize water loss enabling them to go up to six months without water, when they have easy access to moisture from the summer monsoons they’re able to be more active predators. The increased water also brings out more insects like crickets, beetles, and spiders which are popular prey for scorpions.


The wet conditions brought by the regular downpours also increases spider activity. Spiders also thrive in the warm and humid environment. Common spiders like the black widow and the orb weaver like to spin webs in plants and brush where there is plenty of moisture to catch their prey.


One of the most destructive insects that flourish during the hot and moist months of the summer are subterranean termites. These tiny demolition crews need substantial moisture in the ground to survive which sometimes drives them deep into the soil. However, the summer storms provide plenty of water throughout the ground allowing them to be much more active in their search for wood to consume.

Let the professionals at Bill’s Home Service provide you with peace of mind that Southern Arizona’s summer monsoons aren’t creating pest problems for your home or business. Our licensed technicians will provide you with superior service that allows you to enjoy the beauty of this season. Call us today or visit our website for more information.

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