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Shining The Light On Scorpions

Arizona is slowly opening back up to business as normal, but you may still be finding yourself looking for something new to occupy your time at home. Why not explore the area around your home for one of Southern Arizona’s most notorious pests: the scorpion!

Desert Scorpions

There are 3 species of scorpions commonly found in Southern Arizona. The giant desert hairy scorpion is the largest species measuring as large as six inches long. The striped tail scorpion is the most common scorpion in our area and doesn’t typically grow to be larger than 3 inches long. The species that gets the most attention is the bark scorpion – the smallest of the three – because of its potentially lethal stings.

Night Hunt

Warm summer nights are the ideal time to hunt for scorpions around your yard. Scorpions are nocturnal and tend to be most active when overnight temperatures are in the 70’s and 80’s. The only tool you’ll need is a simple blacklight flashlight. When the ultraviolet light from the flashlight strikes certain proteins in the scorpion’s exoskeleton, the scorpion will glow a blue-green-yellow color and make them instantly visible in the dark.

Where to Look

Scorpions prefer areas that provide easy access to hiding places like river rock, woodpiles, block walls, and even potted plants. At night, they will be searching for water and hunting prey like crickets, spiders, and other insects. This search can bring them closer to the foundation of the home and areas with light that attract other bugs at night.

If you find scorpions during your search, it’s not cause for alarm. The state certified technicians at Bill’s Home Service are highly trained to protect your home from scorpions. They will provide information and suggestions for ways to fortify your home as well as perform safe and effective treatments to keep scorpions away. Call Green Valley’s local leader in pest control services today.

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