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The Green June Beetle: A Common Summer Visitor

As the temperatures continue to be high in the Tucson area and the sun beats down, you might be noticing a familiar summertime guest: the Green June Beetle, affectionately known as the June Bug. These buzzing beetles are a common sight during the warmer months and can often be found flitting around yards, lights, or resting on foliage.

Green June Beetle on leaf.


Green June Beetles are sizable insects measuring about an inch in length. Their bodies boast a metallic green hue with distinctive brownish-orange or rust-colored wing covers. These features make them easy to identify amidst the summer landscape.

Behavior and Life Cycle:

These beetles are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day—particularly in the warmest hours. You might spot them buzzing around flowers, trees, or outdoor lights. Despite their size, they are surprisingly agile fliers.

June Beetles undergo a complete metamorphosis with the egg, larvae, and pupae stages all taking place in soil rich with organic matter like flower beds, gardens, mulch, and compost piles. Eggs are normally laid during the summer months and hatch prior to winter when they develop through the larvae stage overwinter and then enter the pupae stage in the spring. In early summer they emerge as adult beetles where they feed on plants, mate, and lay their eggs, continuing the cycle for another year.

Prevention Tips:

Although June Beetles don’t pose a physical threat to humans, they can cause significant damage to ripe fruits and vegetables as well as the stems and leaves of other plants. In addition, they can be downright creepy when crawling and flying around your home. To prevent June Beetles from infesting your outdoor space:

  • Reduce Attractants – Since June Bugs are drawn to light, consider minimizing outdoor lighting at night, especially around doors and windows.
  • Manage Landscape Irrigation – Avoid overwatering your landscape as June Bugs prefer moist, compacted soil.
  • Vegetation Management – Keep trees and shrubs well-trimmed as overhanging branches can provide a resting place for adult beetles.
  • Professional Pest Control – Consider enlisting the help of a professional pest control service. Trained technicians can assess the situation and implement targeted treatments to manage beetle populations effectively.

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