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5 Tips for Tackling Termites

Even with our dry weather, termite control in Arizona is an ongoing concern for residents and businesses. Subterranean termites are a pervasive nuisance that can cause serious damage — both to your house and your finances — without prompt removal and proper prevention. To help you protect your property, here are five key tips for tackling termites.

Look for Signs of an Infestation

Termites cause extensive damage in a short time so finding an infestation early is critical. Check for these telltale signs of termites in your home so you can quickly begin removal:

  • Hollow or weakened wood. Inspect your foundation in the basement and crawlspace. Tap on structural wood with a hammer to check for signs of damage.
  • Light or dark brown droppings about a millimeter in width.
  • Mud tubes around your foundation and outer walls. Subterranean termites use these as channels to travel and transport food.
  • Bubbled floors or paint.

Set Bait Traps Around Your Perimeter

Baits are effective at killing termites at the source by providing deadly “food” that is brought back to the colony. Placed the outdoor traps at 10 foot intervals around your home to flush out any subterranean termites in your soil. Bait traps are effective at stemming the tide of incoming termites but will not affect termites already in the home.

Introduce Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial nematodes are parasitic worms that prey on termites and a variety of backyard pests. Apply beneficial nematodes around infested outdoor areas or plants, where they seek out harmful insects to invade and feed on. 

An effective and natural preventative method, these roundworms are also completely safe around humans. While there are not many suppliers of these helpful critters, check your local home and garden store or online retailers for availability.

Use Chemical Treatments on Wood

Spraying termiticide on the wood around your home can kill and deter termites from chewing through the structure. To be fully effective, the entirety of the structural wood needs to be sprayed sufficiently and not spot-treated.

Try Boric Acid

A popular treatment for many pests, boric acid dehydrates and shuts down termites. Boric acid is extremely versatile, effective as a wood spray or an indoor/outdoor bait. When working with it, wear protective gloves and eye protection as boric acid can irritate your skin and eyes. 

Arizona Termite Control – Bill’s Home Service

There are a number of other specialized treatments for termite control in Arizona. Our team has been serving southern Arizona for over 50 years and are proud to assist our communities with their termite needs.

For more information on effective termite control in Arizona or to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians, contact Bill’s Home Service Company today.

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