Common Pests You Might Find in Your Arizona Home


Pests That Are Common in Arizona

Every state has its share of annoying insects and rodents that cause damage to your house or cause harm to your loved ones and pets. Arizona is no exception. Keep reading for common pests that you can find in your house. 


The most commonly found species of cockroaches found in Arizona are the Brown-banded and German cockroaches. Prevent infestations by keeping your home free of clutter and reducing moisture in the home as much as possible. It also is beneficial to clean often and ensure that you do not have crumbs, spills or food left out to attract these pests. 

Bark Scorpions

These pests are not easy to spot as they are a light yellow color and can easily blend into their surroundings. They will hide in cool, dark places which can include the smallest corners and crevices of your home to escape the heat of the day. Unfortunately, bark scorpions sting and can cause severe pain, swelling, loss of feeling, difficulty breathing and even convulsions. As these pests are dangerous, contact a pest control company immediately to handle the situation.  


If you are afraid of any kind of spider, then you will definitely fear tarantulas. Not only do they look frightening but they can also cause painful bites. The best way to prevent these critters from entering your home is to contact a pest control company to see what preventative treatments they offer for tarantulas. 

Fleas and Ticks

During the summer months, fleas and ticks can become unbearable for those with pets. Unfortunately, though, you may find ticks crawling on you even if you do not own a pet. Check yourself and your animals whenever you come inside after spending time outdoors.

Another way to prevent the spread of these pests is to vacuum consistently and wash your pets’ bedding as well as any other place where your pets may sleep. Use flea collars and/ or flea and tick treatments for your pets.  Pest control companies can also prevent infestations by spraying your yard. 

If you find yourself dealing with a pest infestation, do not feel as though you have to handle it on your own. Contact Bill’s Home Service Company Termite & Pest Control today.

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