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Three Rules to Prevent Southern Arizona Termites from Destroying Your Property

Living in the Grand Canyon State has its perks. But Arizona desert termites are not one of them. In fact, these pesky and harmful critters can do a number on your home when left unattended. They are resilient and able to survive at high altitudes and in our dry, hot desert. When not munching on your foundation or patio posts, they live off cactus and the soft springwood of trees. Staying alert to signs like hollow wood, tubes of mud and discarded wings around your property is important. But a little prevention will let you sleep at night. 

Damp Areas and Puddles Are Termite Havens

Termites in Southern Arizona are attracted to moisture and water. Any standing water in and around your home should be drained. Moisture found under or against the foundation of your home may be caused by poor drainage from the outside or a leaky pipe. Fixing and diverting drainage away will keep termites from taking up residence. A broken or leaking downspout can also be a culprit for faulty drainage. Check that all your rain spouts are in working condition.

Remove Wood, Soil and Plants from Exterior Walls

Most termites and pests invade your home because you’re inviting them. Leaving dirt piles and wood against the walls or foundations of your home creates cozy pest hotels. Keeping these areas free and clear of debris will help prevent this.

Eliminate the avenues of access into your home. Cutting vines, bushes and tree branches away from the exterior of your home removes this access. Also, be mindful of below-ground issues. Tree roots that spread under concrete walkways and home foundations present easy access.

Annual Inspections and Baiting Systems

Termites use their small size advantage to sneak their way in. Although many homeowners in Arizona are aware of the mud tunnels to keep an eye out for, it’s important to have an annual inspection by a licensed professional. A trained termite specialist is often able to find evidence of termites that most homeowners wouldn’t even think twice about and can prevent costly damage when identified early.

Termite baiting systems, like the Sentricon System, are an effective tool to prevent termites from invading your home. The system is designed to form a barrier around the perimeter of your home, keeping it protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Bill’s Home Service Termite and Pest Control for a free quote. They have been dealing with these and other pest issues in the southern Arizona area for more than 55 years and are happy to help.

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